How to Keep Your Sparkle!

When someone thinks back to the best day of their life, they tend to think about how in control they felt, or about how they felt as though they were filled with energy. During that time, there were more positive people, and opportunities around them to indulge in and explore, becoming a contagious beacon of positive energy. However, not all days can feel so good. Sometimes instead of feeling energetic or happy, people can feel overworked or unattractive.


In order to combat those negative feelings, it is important to bring a little change into a normal routine to shake things up and improve happiness. Below are some possible changes that may lead to a better mood and help someone sparkle.


  1. Add some adventure to the schedule. Whether going someplace new that has been begging to be tried, trying something different from the normal routine, or taking a trip to someplace never before traveled, it is important to be a little adventurous.

  1. Don’t give in to what feels good now, but to what will feel good later. All of those high saturated fat and sugar coated foods can lead the body to feel lethargic and decrease a person’s mood when the food’s effects have worn off. Replacing those foods with fresh fruits, vegetables, and more wholesome meals will allow energy to stay in the body longer, and increase a person’s mood.


  1. Have fun regularly, even if it has to be scheduled. It is understandable that the things a person enjoys takes a backseat when it comes to a work-filled lifestyle. But it is important to have fun once in awhile by doing things that are enjoyable to keep up a good mood.


  1. Replace the newspaper with a motivational book. Almost every single newspaper is jampacked with depressing stories, or rage inducing articles about the community and the world. This will bring down a person’s mood rapidly, so switching out the reading material with something inspirational will definitely increase productivity and happiness.

  1. Get up and get active. Any form of exercise will release endorphins, so a quick session at the gym, a walk around the neighborhood, yoga, or even gardening will be great additions to a weekly routines. It is also important to get active because, not only will it increase a person’s mood, it will also help with their health.


  1. Be Beautiful inside and out. Although it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if someone does not find themselves attractive, then they need to take steps to feel attractive. Whether that means they were a track suit, a skirt, or a three piece suit it does not matter as long as they find themselves appealing. Once they can feel confident in their skin, being confident and beautiful on the inside will be a breeze. And feeling good about who they are, and how they look, is a sure fire way to make them shine.

Happiness is a contagious thing. So when one person is sparkling bright, it is almost impossible for another person not to feel the same way.