Must Haves for Puppy Owners


When considering adding a puppy to the household, it is important to know what will be needed in the home. Thankfully, there are people in the world who have had the pleasure of raising a puppy before, and know exactly what will be needed. Below are a few things to consider buying before that fluffy bundle of love comes to join the family.


  1. A Crate They Will Not Out Grow

Dog in a Crate

Don’t think of the crate as a tool for punishment, think of it as a place to help in potty training and for a place the dog can go when a sitter cannot be found. This will save on secret poops laying in wait to be stepped on, and shoes being found chewed up so badly that they are unwearable. Crates are also great to have when traveling, as they are safe and sturdy.


  1. A Bed


The bed should go where the dog should sleep. The crate would be best place, making it more of a bedroom, to make the dog feel safe and secure. This will help with the owner’s bed not being stolen by the puppy once it has grown up.


  1. Food And Water Bowls

Dog eating

It is important for the dog to use a bowl that will stay their bowl. This will help if any new pets come into the household, and so that the dog knows where to find its food. Ceramic dishwasher-safe bowls and metal bowls are perfect for food and water bowls. A plastic bowl will appear as a toy to a puppy, and will be knocked over and played with if one is purchased due to many toys being made of the same material.


  1. High Quality Food

Dog food

A puppy should eat dog food that specifically states it is for a puppy for the first six months, and then move on to adult dog food. This is so that the puppy grows to the best of its abilities thanks to the correct proteins, vitamins, and minerals in the puppy food. If unsure what brand is the best to get, asking a pet store clerk, or a veterinarian, will provide some good ideas.


  1. A Good Pet Hair Vacuum

Floor sweeper

Pet hair is very hard to vacuum up, as it threads itself into clothes, bedding, and cloth furniture so well. There is also so much hair, that it can create tumbleweeds of fur in corners of homes that sweep instead of vacuum. A good pet hair vacuum will get the hair no matter where it is, and will not take a person hours to use.


  1. A Sturdy Leash


A leash is a very important part of the human-puppy binding experience as it allows for the human and puppy a way to interact outside the home. Without a leash ( also known as a lead) a puppy cannot go on walks because they may walk right into danger, or be separated from their owner. It is also important to leash train the puppy for veterinary visits and to help with potty training.